April Wallpaper & Studio Updates

April Wallpaper & Studio Updates

Can you believe we are already in April?

I don't know what it is about mostly staying home, but it seems to make the days go faster than ever.

This month's calendar was inspired by April's birthday flower, the daisy. It seems to me it's the perfect flower for spring- simple, uncomplicated, happy. I tried to reflect that feeling in the looseness of the brushstrokes, and I hope to carry some of that free-spirited feeling into this month where the days are full of sunshine.

Wishing the same for you!

April 2021 daisies pattern desktop wallpaper by Liz Langley Studio

You can download your calendar here.

In the studio, March flew by. I continued my focus on education and business systems, along with a regular painting practice centered around pattern development.  

I joined Clubhouse, and my first listen was an awesome talk about working in sketchbooks. I took away so many good ideas for enriching my sketchbook practice, which I feel is going to play an essential part in the growth of my work. So I encourage you to try the app out and get following some other artists- it's great fun and a super way to connect. You can find me there as @lizlangley.

With the days getting sunnier and warmer here in San Diego, I'm feeling the itch to start painting summery things, and I think the sketchbooks will be perfect for exploring new ideas!

Some highlights of my interior design consulting work over the past weeks were working to select color and a statement light fixture for a home office and planning a total bathroom renovation which is going to be an amazing transformation- I look forward to sharing that in a few months' time.

 Enjoy your new April desktop wallpaper- link to download

I'll see you next month with a new wallpaper design!  



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